Sample Card makes a Bug

Posted by James Ziegler on January 20, 2012 | Posted under 3D puzzles, crafts, creativity, kids, paper puzzle, PolyPuzzle

 From the 5-piece challenge we posted two weeks ago, we developed a new sample card to make a PolyBug. 

Ricky said it needed a purpose.  

How about a spare-change bug?

With the wiggle eyes PolyBug looks like this.

Mary Clark from Joshua Creek Artist Studio discovered a new species of PolyPuzzle in the sample card -- the pink fish .

The artists at Joshua Creek Art Heritage Centre tested the sample card today.

Thanks to all the testers for their creative ways to use the pieces.

We'll be ready to share them next week.  

Instructions for the Bug can be found in the Novice category.  If you would like to put your creative hands on a sample card, send us an email