The Artists of Art City

Posted by Steve Lynett on March 16, 2012 | Posted under 3D puzzles, art, children, creativity, dexterity, geometry, imagination, kids, paper puzzles, polypuzzle, PolyPuzzle

A short demonstration by the head wizard and then, success!!


This past week, PolyPuzzle was given the opportunity to spend an afternoon with the children of Art City, St. James Town. Inventor and Head Wizard, James Ziegler and I were invited to demonstrate the product to some 30 children, age’s five to 12.

We had a number of finished projects on display to show the kids what was possible, ranging from very simple to quite sophisticated.

Each child was given two sheets of PolyPuzzle pieces to use in whatever way then wished.  But, as you might expect, the majority wanted to launch right into the tough stuff.

After some discussion, we were able to convince the group to try simple projects first.  Armed with 32 squares and triangles, in two different colours, they began punching out pieces and putting them together.  The adult volunteers at Art City were able to show the kids how pieces connected, but once they had mastered the ‘hook and press’ technique, there was no stopping them.

Armed with stick-on ‘wiggly’ eyes and magic markers, the kids brought some of the most amazing creatures to life. And, as kids do, the impromptu ‘show and tell’ went on the entire session. To say the kids of Art City are delightful is an understatement – and it’s a toss-up as to who had the biggest smiles – them or us.

At the conclusion of the visit, each child went home with pieces and instructions enough to make a PolyPuzzle bug.

Commenting on the visit, the head wizard had this to say: “Kids don’t have many inhibitions, especially at play. Their imaginations are completely free. And with PolyPuzzle, they can’t make a mistake.  If they see their creation as art – they’re right!”

A special thanks to Gillian and her volunteers for giving us a gift we’ll always remember.