GeoKit 3005

Posted by James Ziegler on July 11, 2012


For the Geometry Wizard, this is one of our more challenging kits.  And the result is a real beauty.  It has a relatively simple pattern that requires some patience to assemble.  But we're confident you'll be happy with the result.

90 pieces make a rhombic enneacontahedron, 30 small rhombuses with an acute angle of 41°48'26" and 60 large rhombuses with an acute angle of 70°31'44".

The easy way to assemble it is with the tabs showing on the outside, but, if you are feeling like a pro, gently fold the tabs, just a little and take your time.  The result is a very elegant geometric shape.  It's of the family of zonohedron.

30 pieces make the pentakis dodecahedron,  This has 60 faces.  Each rhombus folded forms two faces.  The rhombuses used in this model have an acute angle of 68°37'08"

There is a total of 126 pcs in the kit you will have 6 pcs extra to make a small prism.