GeoKits | 3D Geometry Puzzles

 In a tribute to serious geometers, we have created a range of 3D puzzle sets we call GeoKits.. Unlike some of our packaged products, GeoKits are simple, flat-packed sheets of PolyPuzzle pieces.  Each kit makes a different set of 3D geometric forms, or you can use the pieces to make your own creative projects.  Wiggle eyes are not included in the GeoKits -- just the puzzle pieces and an instruction sheet with pictures of the 3D geometric models.

PolyPuzzle GeoKits can be assembled with the tabs facing outward (see image, below - left) or with the tabs folded inward (image, right).  The parts of the basic GeoKits have a score line along the tabs.  It is completely your choice in how you make your models. However, geometry enthusiasts often prefer to make 3D solid models with smooth edges.


Click on the Video to see how to connect PolyPuzzle with the edges folded.

GeoKit 2
GeoKit 5
GeoKit 6
GeoKit 11
GeoKit 12
GeoKit 10