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Address: 5871 Bow Cres.N.W. Calgary, AB T3B 2B6  Canada
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Inspiring creativity

Here at PolyPuzzle we believe in making time every day to connect with the creativity within us, in doing things with our hands to better understand with our heads, and in taking risks and discovering new ways of doing things.  PolyPuzzle is dedicated to inspiring creativity with a fun, earth friendly product that holds endless possibilities. 

PolyPuzzle is family-made

Created by James Ziegler, inventor, artist, and designer, PolyPuzzle is a venture that brings ten family members from three corners of Canada together, each with their unique skills and perspectives, to nurture this exciting product.  Every one of us, the computer geeks, the educators, the artists, the science wizards and the business gurus, loves PolyPuzzling in his or her own way.  This has convinced us that there is something for everyone in PolyPuzzle, no matter your age or station in life.

PolyPuzzle is committed to community

We are committed to providing a high-quality product that inspires innovation, is earth friendly and contributes to the improvement of, not only our minds, but our communities.  In that spirit, we have joined with 1% for Humanity.  As part of this program, we will be donating 1% of our annual revenue (sales) to nonprofit humanitarian organisations. 

In particular, we are committed to supporting literacy and lifelong learning initiatives in our communities.  Watch for more information about our commitment to 1% for Humanity as we develop this initiative.  

PolyPuzzle is earth friendly

Our goal is to make products from recyclable materials and to acquire them from companies that follow sustainable production practices.  As we grow, we are committed to the improvement of our own production techniques, re-cycling unused materials and ensuring a clean, non-polluting set of processes.  Our first products are largely made from paperboard, purchased from environmentally responsible mills that practice sustainable forest management.   In our research and development strategy, our goal is to search for biodegradable plastic films and synthetic papers to make products that are both durable and earth friendly.

PolyPuzzle is a division of Novation Design Inc.