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Just a Glimpse

"We recently discovered a brand new way to enjoy puzzling. PolyPuzzle is all about creativity and turning colorful laser-cut paper into amazing 3D puzzles.

"Let's just say that once you start PolyPuzzling you may not want to stop!"

Andrea Yanke, editor, Glimpse

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Calgary Waldorf School -- students say: More, please!

As a Waldorf teacher, I wanted to let you know that I used your starter kits with my Grade Three students last week and it was a great success.  Some of them used the instructions and built your creature, but others came up with amazing little imaginative beings.  They all asked for more!  A few of them also made geometric shapes and enjoyed that too because we had studied it recently.  I gave your star to my seven year old nephew and was expecting to have to help a lot, but he is very dexterous and patient and made it all himself. Thank you again for your generosity.  I will pass the idea along to other teachers in the school.

Virginia Smith

Scouts Canada

Two Scout troops (ages 11 to 14) got together recently for a weekend camp.  PolyPuzzle was one of their activities and this is what Scouter Tamara Chantal had to report: 

"Our scouts had a blast working with PolyPuzzle and they used their various creations to decorate our meeting hall. In one of the activities, they made the PolyPuzzle bugs and then devised games to play with them. Some of the more adventurous Scouts used the pieces to construct their own creations. Thanks Polypuzzle for helping to make our camp a great success."

A wonderful opportunity to play

"My family recently got a wonderful opportunity to sit down and play with PolyPuzzles ... hands on puzzles that help trigger creativity, imagination and geometric exploration, all rolled up into a fun 3 dimensional puzzle.

"There really is no age limit to PolyPuzzles. While they are recommended for ages 7 and up, they are easily enjoyed by younger ages as long as a parent is willing to assist. I personally love doing the puzzles with my little one who is turning 5 in a few days. She loved punching out the pieces and folding them to get them ready when needed. She was excited with each piece that went together and as the object we were building started to form in 3 dimensional precision before her eyes."

Head of and MomMomOnTheGo Distribution, Heather has in excess of 10,000 followers.

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Fun for the 'Big' kid in the family

The spring issue of Urban Baby and Toddler magazine gives PolyPuzzle a positive review.  The review is featured on the magazine's 'Green Products'  page and recommends, as we do, that PolyPuzzle gives parents an opportunity for quality time with their little ones.

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PolyPuzzle in the classroom

"PolyPuzzle has been great to use with the exceptional learners in my Grade 7, 8, and 9 special-needs classroom.  

"Having students with cognitive impairments, fine-motor difficulties, and behavioural concerns proved to be a challenge when trying to introduce age-appropriate learning tools.

"PolyPuzzle allowed my students to be successful as the construction of these shapes was basic, repetitious, and manageable.  It also allowed further development and strengthening of fine-motor skills in a fun and age-appropriate way.

"I achieved most success when using them as a "cool down" tool for students. The students were able to redirect their behaviours in a positive and productive manner.  As a result they built self-esteem and developed a behavioural strategy that was successful for them as individuals. 

"In the future I intend to use the PolyPuzzle kits as a tool for teaching 3-D shapes.  These clever puzzles easily lend themselves to support many curricular outcomes in a variety of subjects throughout all grade levels."

Tavia Hayden, teacher, Alberta

Wisdom from the Gadget Guy

"I had the chance to create some fun creatures and play with a new construction set ... called Poly Puzzle...with several pieces of pre-cut card in multiple colours that can be made to create cool animals and figures.

"They even come with the googly eyes, which is a necessity for a budding imagination."

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"PolyPuzzles are neat little puzzles with paper pieces that form into different shapes.

"Since my kids are only 5 & 3 and the puzzles are geared for ages 7+, my husband did most of the work while the kids helped punch the pieces out and get them ready to be put together.

"The cutest ones are an owl and a penguin!"

Jody Arsenault, chief editor and founder of

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Great Stuff

"I love what you're doing with PolyPuzzle. Keep it up!"

Paul Reuber, Architect

Modelling Marvel

"I've spent the last 15 years studying and making 3D geometric models. PolyPuzzle has guided me into exciting configurations that I wouldn't have discovered on my own"

Bob Stowell, sculptor and 3D geometric artist who presented at the 8th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF BRIDGES: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science, Banff, Alberta July 31 - August 3 2005 -- 2012

"Talk about a fun and engaging, quiet and thought-provoking new product from PolyPuzzle. Take the time to sit and watch your kids and see what happens to them with PolyPuzzle. The most imaginative shapes and designs will appear."

Tamara McPherson, editor

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